A wet carpet is a concern because of the potential for mold to grow that will give the room a musty odor and possibly irritate your respiratory system. Plus, carpet is so thick that it's hard to get dry fast enough. When your carpet is wet, call a professional to bring in commercial equipment to dry it out quickly. Here are things to know about cleaning and drying a wet carpet.

Decide If The Carpet Can Be Saved

First, decide if it's worth the effort to save your carpet. If the carpet is fairly new and it was expensive, then drying it out is worth the trouble and expense. However, if the carpet was flooded and soaked for a few days, then drying it may not be a good idea. Get the advice of an expert because when carpet is wet for too long, damage can occur that your carpet can't recover from. Also, if the carpet is wet because of a sewer backup or flooding from a river, then the carpet is considered contaminated and should be discarded.

Use Extractors To Get Rid Of Water

A carpet cleaning company has commercial extractors that can pull water out of your carpet so it dries more quickly. Check the condition of the pad under the carpet too. If the pad is soaked, you may be advised to pull up the carpet and remove the wet pad. Then, the floor under the carpet can dry thoroughly and new padding can be put down. Once the carpet is dry, it can be replaced and then cleaned again so it will be back to its original condition.

Use A Dehumidifier

If other parts of your home got wet too, then there may be excess moisture and humidity in the air. A dehumidifier can pull the moisture out of the air to reduce the risk of mold and help the room dry out quicker. It might even be necessary to set up air blowers or dryers on the floor to make sure the room gets totally dry.

Deodorize The Carpet If Needed

Getting your home dry after a water spill can take longer than you think, and you may notice mildew odors or odors from stagnant water even after your carpet is dried out. A carpet cleaning company can deodorize your carpet if necessary. However, you'll want to ensure there is no moisture anywhere in your home or carpet where mold can grow or the odor will come back.

The key to saving your carpet after it's been soaked is to take quick action and get the help of commercial equipment so the fibers can be dried out fast. Otherwise, the carpet may come apart or start growing mold, and then the carpet will need to be thrown out.