Remediation services, such as Armstrong West, are frequently called in to treat homes that have experienced some form of water damage from a fire or flood. It is obvious in these instances that mold is a risk, but it is especially dangerous in cases when it is not as obvious. For example, when a slow drip occurs with plumbing inside a wall or a poorly sealed window allows moisture into the house. In these instances the mold can grow undetected for a great deal of time, hidden behind drywall and wallpaper. People sometimes notice health concerns like headaches or respiratory problems that are common with exposure to black mold. However, there are less obvious health issues that people may not realize are also related to mold poisoning. When these appear they may not receive any sufficient medical help until they identify that mold is causing the issue. 

Sudden Hair Loss

There are many reasons for hair to thin and this makes it difficult for people to narrow down the exact cause. Mold can lead to hair loss by causing allergic reactions. Humans respond to allergens in a number of ways. For some, it is with hair loss. This happens because the immune system produces histamine when an allergen enters the system. The histamine then causes inflammation in the body that reduces normal circulation and can lead to loss of hair because the follicles are not properly nourished. Take it seriously if someone suddenly experiences bald patches, extreme thinning of the hair or substantially more hair in their brush and sink than normal. Have the home tested for mold if the sufferer is not experiencing more stress than normal, health screenings reveal no underlying concerns and genetic hair loss is not common in the family. 

Constant Skin Rashes 

Skin rashes are caused by the same allergic reactions that lead to hair loss. The rashes can range from spotty red patches to hives that cover the individual from head to toe. The rashes are uncomfortable and there is always the risk of a secondary infection from scratching at the affected areas, but the problem is rarely dangerous. A good indication that mold is the culprit is when the rash clears with normal OTC creams or prescriptions medications, but immediately returns elsewhere. 

Potential Birth Defects

Most frightening for anyone starting or adding to their family is the risk the mold may cause to the fetus. Black mold spores contain mycotoxins and exposure to these could lead to miscarriage or fetal abnormalities. While there has not been enough medical research in the U.S. to prove black mold as a cause in any specific numbers, the concern is high enough for moms-to-be or those wanting to become pregnant to make certain their home environment is healthy. 

An important point to remember is that pets are also sensitive to health risks from mold exposure. Even if the humans in the home are healthy, a review of the home is recommended if the pets are suffering from repeated respiratory illnesses, tremors or skin rashes. A remediation service can perform testing on the home to determine if mold is present and work with the homeowner to create a plan to eliminate it for good.