If you recently had a pipe burst and flood an area where you store your books, you can save them if you act quickly. Here is what you need to do to save your books if they are moderately wet but not dripping or if they just got a little damp when the water damage occurred. 

Drying Moderately Wet Books

If your book is moderately wet, but does not have water dripping off of it, you are going to need some paper towels in order to save your book. You are going to want to cut the paper towel so that it is just a little bit larger than your book. The edges of the towel should only exceed the edges of the book by an inch or so. 

Gently open up your book, and put a single paper towel right inside of the front cover, before the first page of the book. iThen, very gently open your book a couple of pages in and put another paper towel down.

Continue your way through the book, putting down a  single paper towel sheet every three or four pages if it is a children's picture book, or ever ten or so pages if it is a chapter book. You don't want to put a paper towel in-between every page because that could damage the binding on your book. When you reach the end, put a paper towel next to the back cover on both sides.

Check in on the book every every thirty minutes or so, and remove and replace the paper towel as they become wet. As you absorb less water, you can check it every hour, then every couple of hours. Continue this process it is just damp, then use the steps listed below for drying a damp book.

Drying A Damp Book

You can use these steps on books that only got a little damp, or on a book that was previously moderately wet yet you have dried it so it is now only damp. When a book is damp, you need to still handle it carefully; however,it is not as delicate as a very wet book. 

Take the book and place it so that it is standing up. Open the book so that it is open a little more than half way; you don't want to open it all the way while standing it up as this could damage and stretch out its binding. Fan the pages so that they are open and exposed to air.

Set up a fan. Don't directly aim the fan at the book, just pointed in its general vicinity. The moving air will help the book. Keep the book open, with the pages fanned out, until the book is dry. Depending on how damp the book is, this could take days or even weeks. 

When the book has finally dried out. Shut the book and lay it on a flat surface with the back cover touching the surface. If the pages have become rippled or the binding stretched, you'll want to put some bricks or heavier books on top of the affected book so that it will flatten back out. 

Drying books takes time and patience; however, you can save all of your books that were damaged by water in your home by using the steps above. You can also consult with a water damage company and have them dry your books for you. Contact a business, such as Absolute Restoration LLC, if you aren't sure how to dry out your belongings on your own.