Mold problems are something that many homeowners experience at one time or another. Mold problems can be so small that they go unnoticed for years before actually treated. This is a problem since dangerous molds can cause severe health issues, especially for small children and pets. This is why as soon as you notice any small signs of mold, you should call in professionals for an inspection. Here are four signs of mold to be looking for:

Mold Smell

If you smell bad odors, especially under the sink, in the bathroom, or in any small, enclosed space in your home, then you should call for a mold inspection. Although the smell could be something else, you want to be safe and have the inspection done. If mold is found, you can have it removed from your home before it becomes worse and spreads. 

Small Sight

Often small amounts of mold in homes goes unnoticed because it appears just to be a piece of fuzz or dirt on the floor or wall. If you notice any small pieces of dirt or fuzz, remove them. If it's really just dirt or fuzz, then it should easily wipe clean. However, if it is mold, you will be able to tell based on texture and the difficulty of removing it. Be sure to thoroughly wash your hands after handling it and call professionals in for inspection and removal. Even these small amounts of mold can indicate there is a larger growth somewhere nearby that isn't visible. 

Water Problems

If your home has problems with trapping too much moisture in certain spaces, especially in the bathroom, then mold inspections should be done regularly. This is especially true if you notice any water stains in your home, discoloration of the walls, peeling and bubbling of wallpaper and more. You also want to have inspections done after flooding and after repairing any leaks. 

Toxic Symptoms

Sometimes being exposed to mold can lead to toxic symptoms since the mold could be poisoning you. These symptoms include memory loss, short attention spans, trouble concentrating, headaches, and more. If your doctor cannot diagnose these symptoms as another health issue, then it may be that you have mold in your home that needs to be removed. 

By knowing these four signs of mold in your home, you can be sure that you know when to have inspections done so that it can be removed before it becomes worse. A business like RESTOR Property Restoration will be able to remove mold from your home as well as help with the restoration process.